Rodent Control

NAM Exterminating Inc provides the most effective defense and exterminating services against all kinds of rodents. A contract from us covers a range of preventative, humane methods to help minimize health risks. Our Allentown PA rodent control solutions will surely reduce the difference from spread of disease, contamination and material damage caused by rats and mice. The key to successful rodent extermination is regular inspection where our exterminators will advise you on the most suitable inspection intervals to help ensure pest recurrence levels are minimized.

Fast and effective rodent control services in NAM Exterminating, Inc.Our inspectors will evaluate the structural problems within the premises and suggest the home owners to follow some basic cleaning procedures in order to avoid pest infestation. Based on the condition and the types of pests, our pest control agents customize the pest treatment, so it effectively helps you to get rid of them. Our control program starts with the exterior treatment when our agents treat the areas such as the weep holes, wall voids, AC lines and other potential entry points found in your home. Similarly, the interior treatment is also conducted after an inspection.

Rats, mice or bandicoots can cause many serious problems.

From damaging your property, contaminating food, to spreading diseases and causing health problems. On top of that a rodent infestation can be very embarrassing. This is why regular control is very important. We at NAM Exterminating Inc use only the best and most effective methods for removing the annoying rodents – manual trapping, poison baiting, glue trapping and many others. These methods are very effective when it comes to removing the problem effectively. Mice and rats are among the most widespread and cunning of the pests that live on the planet for their food and shelter. Because of this dependency, they can sometimes even be found in the best kept premises.

Once the rodents have been exterminated it is then important to make sure your rooms stay rodent free. For that, you need to monitor the premises effectively. NAM Exterminating Inc’ customers in Allentown PA are many and vary from restaurants, schools and apartment complexes to retail businesses and churches. Just talk to any of our clients and are bound to give us good recommendation. We can keep rodents out of your property, get rid of any pests, or destroy the bed bugs that are causing you health problems.

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