General pest control

We at NAM Exterminating, Inc. provide environmentally friendly pest control services solutions for residential and commercial customers in Allentown PA area. Guarantee spiders, roaches, ants, mice, rats, earwigs, silverfish, termites, and more. During your initial treatment, our trained technician will perform a full inspection of your property and identify specific treatment needs on the Inspection Scorecard. We will identify potential nesting sites, harborage areas and entry points in and around your home. Upon each returning visit your technician will continue to monitor your home and adapt our treatments to the changing seasons and movements of pests.

Professional pest control services in Allentown PAInsects enter the home from the outside. With NAM Exterminating, Inc. specialized  treatment, your home and family will be protected from invading insects.Our technician will treat the foundation, immediate yard, and other entry points around your home.We will also granulate flower beds with moisture activated crystals to discourage pests from nesting in these high moisture, high vegetation areas.

Our service is backed by the best guarantee in the business. If we do not provide a service to your level of satisfaction, we will promptly return for free until you are satisfied. Phone: (484) 239-1473